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Climate Kids DNA DNA [song]


Earth, Sun and Moon
Electric Circuit Electric Circuit
Flowes [song]  Force [song] Friction
Friction [song]  Gases [song]  Habitat 
Habitat [song}  Healthy Healthy [song] Insect
Insect [song] Light Magnet and Spring Magnet and Spring [song]
 Mammals Mammals [song] Materials Materials [song]
Matter Metal Micro Organism 
Periodic Table Periodic Table [song] Plant Adaptation Plant Adaptation [song]
Plants Plants [song] Reflection Reflection [song]
Changes [song]
Rocks and Soil Rocks and Soil[song]
Shadow Shadow [song] Skeleton Skeleton [song]
Solar System Solar System [song] Solid and Liquid Solid and Liquid [song]

Sound Sound [song] Solids Dissolve [song]
Star Star [song] Sun Ray  Sun Ray [song]
Teeth Teeth [song] Temperature  Temperature
Water cycle Water cycle [song]